Choose my Jewelry by Chakra

What are the Chakra’s and what meaning do they have in our Lives?

Chakra is Sanskrit term, meaning ‘A wheel of light’. They are energy centers, resembling spinning wheels, which connect the material Self-the Body, with the spiritual Self. All energy centers govern the human energy system; their function is to aid us in achieving a healthful balance. Through our chakras, the body, Spirit and soul perfect themselves so that can be healing at all levels.

Usually 32 chakras are referred to in holistic literature; these are divided into basic and secondary. The basic chakras govern the most important functions and areas in our body. The physically-oriented chakras are twelve (12) in number seven (7) of them are located in our physical body and correspond to the separate parts of the body, the spine being the binding unit. The remaining five (5) chakras are situated outside the body and are also connected with our visible existence. The twelve chakras build together a system with incredible significance for healing and expression.

Generally, we work on balancing our eight chakras which consist of the physical seven and the 8th which is just outside the body. All energy centers connect the visible with invisible aspects of the individual. Each energy system works in accordance with its frequency, while all frequencies are connected with each other and influence the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of man. Each chakra is usually associated with a particular color that correspond to the colors of the rainbow, while the eighth chakra is depicted as a bright white color. When the 8th chakra is combined with the first chakra, it becomes the color of pink signifying ‘Love and creation’.

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