5 Elements Collections

In 2015 I began creating 5 Elements Collection to share the teachings of the 5 basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.

I am very inspired by this Wisdom and I believe all that we see emerged from the fusion of those 5 elements.
If we know how to master them, we can manifest our thoughts and wishes and our bodies can stay young and healthy. If the 5 elements are in balance, we can truly achieve anything we dream for and experience harmony, inner peace and love.
I have designed each art piece unique by using a special sacral geometry formula and sacred symbols. I hand-picked each crystal, each gemstone traveling all over the world and envisioning how this piece of art will serve his new owner.
I have created the jewelry thinking of all those who can influence and change the world, who can set up the tone for the new fashion and tune to the new generation’s tastes
This jewelry is for those who can inspire and empower others! For those who can lead to a better world and turn the wheel of Truth, to spread wisdom of Love and Compassion
I believe that fashion is necessary to help the world to grow and develop, to assist us in the search to be different, to bring all new ideas closer to us.

So this is my collection for the stars