Tantra Collection


It was a very special day for me when I realized my mission for the Tantra Union Collection. I had a clear vision for all chains and heavy body jewelry which represent everything that holds us back and chains us down to our attachments in this world. But at the same time they are the secret liberating formula, which can set us free and bring us back “home” again.

I experienced it as my highest achievement in the art of jewelry making. I am still inspired and continue to create new designs and I feel that this is my signature collection.

Why Tantra? Because Tantra means Union (Oneness). Because we all search for it: to connect, to merge.

Many great teachers believe that only one thing can make people happy and that is harmonious relationships with friends, partners, family members, loved ones, everyone…

How to connect with each other? How to be present and at the same time to be in union with everything around us?
The best way to feel connected is to be present in each moment, to be aware and awakened. This way we can feel all beings and everything which surrounds us, we can experience their true nature, which is the same as our own.

This is the formula.

The Tantra Union Collection is a deep spiritual experience and it was created with Wisdom and Love. At the same time it looks cool, because I believe there is no set definition of what spiritual tools are. They are created to serve others and spread the teachings of the Truth and to summon people to connect.

We cannot experience happiness if we live alone, thinking only of our own interest, because this is against our own nature.
We can be happy only if we share our Love. When we make love we connect to the Great Source of Life.

The Tantra Collection is a great teaching of the union of Love and Wisdom. It is specifically designed to empower you and to bring you to the next level – the level of Creation not just of reaction.

In order to experience Union and to change the world it is necessary only to look at the person next to you. Feel him/her, look into his eyes, connect and then you can feel Freedom, Love and Union.