Rozaliya originally comes from Bulgaria, Europe and currently lives and works in Bali and Los Angeles
She has a university degree in Business Management. Rozaliya become a entrepreneur very young and for 13 years managed successfully one of Bulgarias biggest fashion and model agancy. Her agancy was also leading producer for Fashion TV shows and contest. The last years of her fashion carrier she moved to Germany and worked with “Miss Germany” and “Top model of the world” organizations.

Soon after that Rozaliya started her personal journey of self discovery and growth through practicing Holistic Medicine. She studied great variety of methods such as working with the inner child, crystal therapy, and other holistic practices.
In 2006 Rozalya visited Bali for the first time and decided to leave all her successful life and stay for 2 years in seclusion, fasting and sacred silence.
This unlocked her inner world and she engaged herself with discovering the depth of Crystal Healing, Sacral Geometry and Symbols.

In 2008 she started working with her first Dzogchen (Ati yoga) teacher. She studied and practiced in Nepal and Bhutan for 8 years with different great Masters.
in 2009 Rozaliya created her first jewelry in order to help people by using all her wisdom of holistic transformation. Soon after that she started producing her line of healing jewelry and opened several stores.
During this period she modified different methods of Holistic Therapies and Crystal Healing to help people to overcome their fears of transformation and to find harmony in relative reality.

Recently Rozaliya has focused more on women issues, female energy and power and she delivers workshops, seminars and retreats on these subjects. Also she leads silent retreats for people who want to find the balance of success in Busness world, peace of mind and happiness.

She freely works in 4 languages- Bulgarian, Russian, German and English