Rozaliya originally comes from Bulgaria, Europe and currently lives and works in Bali and Los Angeles
She has a university degree in Business Management. Rozaliya become a entrepreneur very young and for 13 years managed successfully one of Bulgarias biggest fashion and model agancy. Her agancy was also leading producer for Fashion TV shows and contest. The last years of her fashion carrier she moved to Germany and worked with “Miss Germany” and “Top model of the world” organizations.

Soon after that Rozaliya started her personal journey of self discovery and growth through practicing Holistic Medicine. She studied great variety of methods such as working with the inner child, crystal therapy, and other holistic practices.
In 2006 Rozalya visited Bali for the first time and decided to leave all her successful life and stay for 2 years in seclusion, fasting and sacred silence.
This unlocked her inner world and she engaged herself with discovering the depth of Crystal Healing, Sacral Geometry and Symbols.

In 2008 she started working with her first Dzogchen (Ati yoga) teacher. She studied and practiced in Nepal and Bhutan for 8 years with different great Masters.
in 2009 Rozaliya created her first jewelry in order to help people by using all her wisdom of holistic transformation. Soon after that she started producing her line of healing jewelry and opened several stores.
During this period she modified different methods of Holistic Therapies and Crystal Healing to help people to overcome their fears of transformation and to find harmony in relative reality.

Recently Rozaliya has focused more on women issues, female energy and power and she delivers workshops, seminars and retreats on these subjects. Also she leads silent retreats for people who want to find the balance of success in Busness world, peace of mind and happiness.

She freely works in 4 languages- Bulgarian, Russian, German and English

Rozaliya Journey to Enlightenment is a concept which embodies in itself 2 essential trends of activities. Both compliment each other. One is organizing and delivering of retreats and spiritual seminars and trainings and the other is designing and distributing a wide range of holistic jewelry.

The first pieces of jewelry were made in Bali, Indonesia.These jewels had an astonishing transformational effect on their owners. This set the beginning of a collection which currently comes up to 800 different designs. All is unique and hand made (silver, gold and crystals) in our workshop near the city of Sanur on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The Rozaliya Jewelry for Enlightenment are charged with our team’s Love and Good Intention. They work as a powerful instrument for an easy and smooth transition into the current transformational times.

Spiritual growth, Goodness, Compassion and Love are part of Rozaliya Journey to Enlightenment’s values. With our work and true beliefs the team of Rozaliya proves its intention to assist you in achieving a body balance and a life full of awareness, beauty and harmony. We will always be there for you and together we will share the journey to inner-transformation and to fulfillment of the Perfect Awareness.


Symbols have been utilized in many cultures for thousands of years; they are like a secret language that you can use to speak to the Universe, sending out a mantra to manifest what you truly desire. The concentrated energy in symbols can greatly magnify and empower your wishes. Prema Sagar collection works with 200 ancient symbols that are more than 500 years old, and come from places like Egypt, Asia and throughout Europe, as well as other places around the world.

Every symbol has meaning and can attract the power of the energy that you desire or need. Thus, it is very important to be clear about your purpose when using symbols. Our jewelry is a combination of precious stones, fine metals and symbols that create a powerful healing tool. Every symbol has a unique meaning, and can assist you in specific areas of your life. When these symbols are connected with certain colors and crystals, they create a very special holistic formula.

Our Chakra Collection can support you in opening your energy channels and balancing your energy vibrations. Our distinctive jewelry line was purposefully created to help people find their true path, so that they can manifest greater Love, Happiness and Inner Peace in their lives. If you want to receive assistance with a specific area in your life, you can focus on a particular symbol that is related to this, and send a prayer to the Universe.

All symbols we use in our premier designs are based on Sacred geometry which is connected with our body, mind and soul. Our jewelry besides being unique and beautiful, provide you with healing and balancing, so that you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Throughout the ages, civilizations have used the power of crystals and gems for a wide range of purposes.

Kings and Queens wore them around their heads to bring out wisdom in their rule, while Greeks and Romans used crystals for good health and protection. Indian astrologers recommended the use of gems for avoiding misfortunes and to counteract negative effects of planetary influences. Even the Chinese, American Indians and South American tribes used crystals for various purposes from diagnosis of diseases to attracting wealth and good fortune. The power of crystals and stones cannot be denied. Today, Crystals continue to be a very important tool for healing. Through the law of resonance, crystals can amplify, transform, transmit, store, vibrate, conduct and focus energy. Crystals can be programmed to facilitate completion of a project or assist you in speeding up manifestation of your goals.

Crystals are a genuine manifestation of ‘light’ which is condensed in ‘matter’ and which reaches its highest manifestation in the human being. Light is a vibrating force which direct positive energies towards a given purpose. During the formation of a crystal, vibrations are being engraved in it. Every type of crystal system possesses particular energy patterns which are qualities that determine the way in which it receives, processes and transmits energy. Every crystal has its own consciousness and through its vibration it can connect to or otherwise influence the human energy field. Depending on the current physical, emotional or mental condition of a given person, the crystals can balance and harmonize the energies of the body using their structure, color, light, vibration, etc. They also contain great quantities of concentrated information which can be used and deciphered by way of meditation.

Every crystal can be programmed for a particular purpose, such as healing, tuning and energizing. At the same time, a crystal can be charged in different ways: through man’s energy field, the radiation of other crystals, etc. If you know how to properly use a crystal, how to activate it and dedicate it, it can help you stabilize your energy and even change your trend of thoughts and accordingly your existing reality.

Another way to use a crystal even if you do not know how to dedicate it to a certain purpose, it can work for you through its color. Lately people often talk about chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the human body. The main ones, located along the human spine and head, are 7. There are a number of smaller and finer chakras which are distributed along the energy meridians in the body. Above the head, outside the body, but directly connected to its functions are two more chakras. They are responsible for our spiritual awakening and growth, for the connection with higher energies.

Each energy center is like a spinning portal, which reflects on a specific physical, emotional or mental condition in the body. Every chakra has its own color. The crystal is a concentrated, stable color energy, which communicated and vibrates on the same frequency. For example, when we have problems with the 1st chakra and we do not have enough red colored energy, the fire agate like a good friend could connect to our dis-balanced chakra and to charge it with sufficient energy, so it can function within its normal range. This is only one way to work with a crystal.

There are certain crystals which can ease our journey to Enlightenment even when they are in our near vicinity.

The World of Crystals is infinite, and so are their characteristics. Trust your intuition and it will bring you to your crystal, which can help you change your own world.


Chakra is Sanskrit term, meaning ‘A wheel of light’. They are energy centers, resembling spinning wheels, which connect the material Self-the Body, with the spiritual Self. All energy centers govern the human energy system; their function is to keep us to connect to the relative reality and to aid us in achieving a healthful balance. By healing our chakras, our body, Spirit and mind can be imbalance and we can achieve healing at all levels.

The basic chakras are twelve (12), Seven of them are located in our physical body and five chakras are situated outside the body and are also connected with our visible existence. The twelve chakras build together a system with incredible significance for healing our relative existence and the part of enlightment.

Generally, we work on balancing our ninth chakras. All energy centers connect the visible with invisible aspects of the individual. Each energy system works in accordance with its frequency, while all frequencies are connected with each other and influence the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of man. Each chakra is usually associated with a particular color that correspond to the colors of the rainbow.

The 1st Chakra is extremely important for our life on Earth, for our everyday life and for our physical body. It is responsible for regulating our energy and helps us handle the everyday routine.

Location: between the perineum and genitals.
Color: all earthy colors: brown, red, black.
Basic Function: Grounding, survival, energization.
Spiritual Aspect: Enthusiasm, passion, managing the everyday routine, serenity, stability, resistance, security.
Physical aspect Nerve system, legs, foot, bones, large intestine.
Glands: adrenals.
Dysfunctions: Hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, anorexia, knees and joints, weakness, fatigue.
Element: Earth.
Crystals: all crystals colored in black, red and brown like Smoky topaz, black and gray quartz crystal, obsidian, black tourmaline, brown and red tiger eye, fossilized wood, hematite, magnetite, red garnet, opal-fire, fossilized coral, ruby​​, red jasper, amber.
Affirmation: “I am. I am grounded and I feel secure” – Corresponds to our physical body.

The 2nd Chakra is the emotional center of our body and our ability to create and feel. It is directly connected with Woman Power and the source of Creative Energy. According to some, in there is the key to the life energy source and managing life on earth level.

Location: four fingers below the navel, lower abdomen, genitals, womb.
Color: orange.
Basic Function: Desire, pleasure, sexuality, creativity, personal relations, relationships with others, creation, healing.
Spiritual Aspect: Creativity, courage, emotional intelligence, sexuality, relationships, delight, commitment.
Physical aspect: Womb, genitals, kidneys, bladder, blood system.
Glands: ovaries, testicles.
Dysfunctions: Impotence, frigidity, uterus problems, bladder, kidneys, problems with lower back.
Element: Water.
Crystals: all crystals colored in orange Coral, orange fire agate, amber, opal-fire, ruby, pearls – all, tiger eye, citrine, cornelian.
Affirmation: I feel. I enjoy Life. Corresponds to our emotional body.

The 3rd Chakra is the center of our Power, Will and Wisdom. The success, associated with the possession of material goods and social status, is measured based on that at earth level. This is our source of knowledge, which gives us information how to act in the frames of the society and world.

Location: from the navel to the solar plexus.
Color: yellow.
Basic Function: Will, power, influence, charisma, assimilation of food and ideas, center of energy – Life Power.
Spiritual Aspect: Confidence, power, inner conviction, will, wisdom, self-awareness, magnetism.
Physical aspect: Metabolism, digestive system, liver, muscles.
Glands: adrenals, pancreas.
Dysfunctions: Ulcer, diabetes, hypoglycemia
Element: Fire.
Crystals: all crystals colored in yellow Amber, citrine, topaz, yellow chalcedony, lemon quartz, yellow tiger eye Coral, orange fire agate, amber, opal-fire, ruby, pearls – all, tiger eye, citrine, cornelian.
Affirmation I am Will!. I am Success! I create my World with Wisdom. Corresponds to our etheric body.

The 4th Chakra is the center of our body and implements the connection and balance between the lower 3 physical chakras and the upper 3 spiritual ones. It is associated with the heart, which is one of the basic organs for taking proper decisions, giving and receiving love, growth on spiritual and physical level, in career and in thoughts. The fourth chakra is the center through which we manifest our specific ideas and create our world.

Location: heart area.
Color: phosphor green, sometimes pink.
Basic Function: Compassion, love, career growth, harmony, balance.
Spiritual Aspect: Sharing, forgiveness, giving and receiving love, taking responsibility, readiness for proximity and support.
Physical aspect Heart, lungs, blood system, blood pressure.
Glands: thymus.
Dysfunctions: Asthma, blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases.
Element: Air.
Crystals: all crystals colored in green.
Malachite, chrisokola, ruby, ocean jasper, obsidian, green amethyst, green topaz, green turquoise, labradorite, peridoth, green mohave, rose quartz, opal, emerald
Affirmation I grow. I transform. I receive and give love. Corresponds to our mental body.

The 5th Chakra is the center of self-expression and stress protection. Through it we express our thoughts, feelings, desires and truths. This chakra represents our capability to say “yes” or “no” to what life offers us. This is the first of our higher chakras and can help us to rise above the everyday problems and to look at the world with more reconciliation and joy.

Location: throat/ neck.
Color: light blue, sky blue.
Basic Function: Communication, creativity, reconciliation, calmness.
Spiritual Aspect: Expression, communication, honesty, sincerity, reconciliation, rising above the problems, calmness, joy.
Physical aspect Throat, mouth, jaws, larynx, neck, shoulders, arms, palms.
Glands: thyroid.
Dysfunctions: Strep throat, stiff neck, colds, depression, hearing problems, irritability, aggression.
Element: Sound.
Crystals: all crystals colored in blue Laurimar, labradorite, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, amazonite, blue mohave.
Affirmation I express with Love. I enjoy Life. Corresponds to our spiritual body.

The 6th Chakra is our internal and external visual center. Through it we receive, store and send pictures, symbols and colors that represent the relative reality. It is our intuition or “sixth sense.” The third eye is also the connection with the Cosmic Truth that can illuminate our way through the Upper Light in order to take clear and correct decisions.

Location: at the center of the head, a finger above the eyes.
Color: dark blue, indigo.
Basic Function: Vision, intuition, visualization, imagination.
Spiritual Aspect: Intuition, imagination, clarity, connection with the Cosmic Truth and power, ability to take proper decisions, clairvoyance.
Physical aspect Hormonal and endocrine system, eyes, growth.
Glands: epiphysis.
Dysfunctions: Blindness, headaches, bad dreams, all eye diseases.
Element: Light.
Crystals: all crystals colored in dark blue Lapis Lazuli, moonstone, labradorite, amethyst, blue tiger eye, black pearls, blue topaz, opal, blue sapphire
Affirmation I follow my mission with clarity. Corresponds to our cosmic bod.

The Crown chakra is our conscious and unconscious mental structure and belief system. It is the main connection with the higher levels and the Absolute truth. By the 7th chakra, the energy coming from the higher levels is allocated to the other chakras. This is the chakra of expanded consciousness and ability for management of Earth and the earth life through higher forms of intelligence

Location: the top of the head – fontanel.
Color: violet.
Basic Function: Understanding, awareness, expanded consciousness, management.
Spiritual Aspect: Awareness, expanded consciousness, understanding the relative and absolute world.
Physical aspect Cerebral cortex, central nerve system.
Glands: hypophysis.
Dysfunctions: Alienation, confusion, apathy, inability to understand the relative world, migraine.
Element: Thought.
Crystals: all crystals colored in violet Amethyst, tourmaline, violet crystals, lavender quartz crystal, azurite, opal, ametrine.
Affirmation I know! I am aware! I manage with the help of high Power.

The 8th Chakra is connected to our body, but it is based outside, it is the center through which we have connection with all the dimensions of the relative truth and beyond. It is an entrance and exit from our relative world towards higher dimensions and through it we can touch the information about the past, the future and even about the higher levels. Through the 8th chakra we can purify our body, mind and spirit, and to prepare for a higher existence

Location: 3-4cm above the head.
Color: white, silver, transparent white, ultraviolet.
Basic Function: Purification, rejuvenation, health, beauty, awareness of the relative world.
Spiritual Aspect: Protection at all levels, purification, awareness, energy purification, charge with light and positive enlightened light.
Physical aspect Purification of toxins, rejuvenation, beauty, weight control.
Dysfunctions: Obesity, trouble sleeping, nervousness, aging.
Crystals: all crystals colored in white, silver, transparent white, ultraviolet Rock crystal, moonstone, pearls, amber, opal, aquamarine, diamond.
Affirmation I am connected with the Enlightenment Light.

The ninth chakra contact to source of life – compassion,love. This energy center which opens to the consecration of love and makes a person a sense of happiness, bliss and blessings.

LOCATION IN THE BODY: Thirty centimeters above the top of the head.
Color: transparent pink, golden-pink, pearl.
KEY FEATURES: Communication with the consecration of Love.
Spiritual aspects: due to the lighting the beginning, overcoming obstacles, a sense of completeness and awareness, love, .. – self-love and service to humanity, comprehension of meaning, an understanding of who you are, awakening …
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Psychological and psychiatric disorders.
DYSFUNCTION: neurosis, constant fatigue, high / Low blood pressure, panic attacks, depression, mental, and emotional instability, worries, diabetes …
CRYSTALS: All crystals translucent pink, golden-pink, pearl color. Rose quartz, pink amethyst, pearls – all colors, pink opal, fire opal, moonstone, diamond.
STATEMENT: I love myself and all beings I serve with love.