Freedom Retreat

Hello, Dear Friends,

If you have found this page, this means that we are going together along the same road, seeking answers to the questions: “Who am I?”, “ Why I am here, on this Earth?”, “What is the Truth?”, “How shall I acquire satisfaction and harmony within my self?”,  “What is Enlightenment? ‘, “What is my Mission?”, “What is Happiness?”, etc.

I, Rozaliya, in the last twelve years have undergone myself a painful transformation, learning different techniques under many teachers, and attending trainings in Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and Bhutan. I have spent almost two years in sacred silence and fasting on the Island of Bali. It was hard, but I  aware now that with the acquired strength and confidence we can achieve great realization and we can see our true nature . My greatest wish is to serve everyone who searches for the Truth and Enlightenment. I work with  balanced and very effective methods, especially for people who have grown up without parental guidance in spiritual guidance. For most of us a greater part of our lives has passed in recognizing truths related only to our analytical mind and the material world which surrounds us. Any new insights are a challenge, ready to throw us into an unknown new world. If we fail to prepare our bodies and mind, if our moral attitude towards Nature is not strong enough, or if we lack respect for the more experienced among us, spiritual awakening may turn out not as a creative power, but just the contrary, as a power aimed against us.

The retreats which we organize are based on my personal experience, practices, insights attained during the sacred silence and from the most ancient practices of Atiyoga and many other sacred practices from  around the world. The main goal of the retreats is to transfer the exceptional power and energy of the teachings and practices to the participants in an easy, comprehensible and modern way. This will help them to realize that they are worldly and free persons, aware of where they stand in the Universe and able to find their inner Peace. The methods we use allow us to work with people who have never previously experienced any other spiritual teachings, but the participants can see actual results in their lives instantly. Each retreat has its specific topic. The time is divided between group and individual teachings and practices, which are adapted towards the level of spiritual growth of each personality, background and level of understanding. The philosophy is deep and profound. It can provide answers to every question, and connect  you to the wisdom of inner teacher.
I promise  our Seminars and Retreats will help you along the way to Light Enlightenment.

Love and Light
Rozaliya Heinen