What is my inspiration

My deepest inspiration comes from the Great Compassion

My only intention is to serve and help all beings to liberate themselves from the suffering on their path to Enlightenment and Freedom.

All people search for one and the same thing. No matter where they come from, what social status they have, what religion or culture they belong to, they all search for Happiness. They can get happy from one day to another, from one moment to the next, but inevitably everyone experiences pain and suffer.

I felt hurt when I observed the suffering all around me and deep inside myself I posed the question: ‘How to change this?’. The rebel in me lead me along an unknown path, constantly searching for an answer and craving for some clarity.

My path has started in a poor country and it shaped my ambition, gave me strength to search, to grow. Many years I was involved in high fashion business as an owner of a big modeling agency, a producer and creator of international TV productions and big shows. But this celebrity, posh and luxurious life did not feel right somehow. One day I realized there was something missing, something I could not buy or touch and it was the answer to my questions: Who am I? What is next?

My decision to leave everything behind: my family, my work, my comfort; was extreme. But this is when my life has actually STARTED – the life of self discovery.

The ascetic life and years of silence were the greatest achievement I’ve ever experienced. This is how I reached my deepest realization.

After I spent 10 years studying with some of the best teachers in Nepal, Buthan and Bali, and practicing sharing, I have generated one single desire: to serve.

Now I can openly say: We do not craft Jewelry. We create tools for Enlightenment

Tools for freedom

Every piece of my art is especially created to be your friend and to stabilize your energy.
I use all the wisdom and energy of the natural crystals and gemstones, the sacral geometry and I just add the last element – Love to give life to every magical jewelry I create.
This is a way to connect with others and to open their hearts for a new path, for Happiness.
Each of my creations is designed to serve you and to assist you in realization of your true nature and your real beauty, to help you feel the Love inside you, the life force and to share it with everyone.
With our jewelry you only need to have faith and to continue to search for Freedom and Happiness, to be brave and focused.
This way you can achieve Happiness.