Rozaliya Jewelry for Enlightenment is a New Age concept to create jewelry, which is not only high-end, unique, and fashionable, but is also holistic and meaningful. Each piece is uniquely hand-crafted in Bali, using silver and gold, natural crystals and gems, and sacred symbols in order to create powerful instruments for transformation and growth.

We don’t craft jewelry. We create tools for enlightenment, tools for freedom.

Rozaliya Jewelry for Enlightenment is a New Age instrument to Awaken and educate the human of the New Era.

Chakra is a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘a wheel of light’. They are energy centers, resembling spinning wheels, which create the Body (the form of the delusional self) from our Basic Consciousness (Program Metrics) and the natural state. Chakras are portals for the energy of the 5 elements which whirl around and form from the interaction of these 5 elements.


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