Equilibrium, Love / Harmony / Unity, Growth at all levels


The 4th Chakra is the center of our body and implements the connection and balance between the lower 3 physical chakras and the upper 3 spiritual ones. It is associated with the heart, which is one of the basic organs for taking proper decisions, giving and receiving love, growth on spiritual and physical level, in career and in thoughts. The fourth chakra is the center through which we manifest our specific ideas and create our world.

Location: heart area.
Color: phosphor green, sometimes pink.
Basic Function: Compassion, love, career growth, harmony, balance.
Spiritual Aspect: Sharing, forgiveness, giving and receiving love, taking responsibility, readiness for proximity and support.
Physical aspect Heart, lungs, blood system, blood pressure.
Glands: thymus.
Dysfunctions: Asthma, blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases.
Element: Air.
Crystals: all crystals colored in green.
Malachite, chrisokola, ruby, ocean jasper, obsidian, green amethyst, green topaz, green turquoise, labradorite, peridoth, green mohave, rose quartz, opal, emerald
Affirmation: I grow. I transform. I receive and give love. Corresponds to our mental body.


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