Connection with the enlightenment light


The 8th Chakra is connected to our body, but it is based outside, it is the center through which we have connection with all the dimensions of the relative truth and beyond. It is an entrance and exit from our relative world towards higher dimensions and through it we can touch the information about the past, the future and even about the higher levels. Through the 8th chakra we can purify our body, mind and spirit, and to prepare for a higher existence

Location: 3-4cm above the head.
Color: white, silver, transparent white, ultraviolet.
Basic Function: Purification, rejuvenation, health, beauty, awareness of the relative world.
Spiritual Aspect: Protection at all levels, purification, awareness, energy purification, charge with light and positive enlightened light.
Physical aspect Purification of toxins, rejuvenation, beauty, weight control.
Dysfunctions: Obesity, trouble sleeping, nervousness, aging.
Crystals: all crystals colored in white, silver, transparent white, ultraviolet Rock crystal, moonstone, pearls, amber, opal, aquamarine, diamond.
Affirmation: I am connected with the Enlightenment Light.


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