9 Chakra Healing Point

I have decided to put the explanation of our energy channels here in order for it to be easier for everyone to understand their function for our impermanent existence as humans. Chakra is a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘a wheel of light’. They are energy centers, resembling spinning wheels, which create the Body (the form of the delusional self) from our Basic Consciousness (Program Metrics) and the natural state. Chakras are portals for the energy of the 5 elements which whirl around and form from the interaction of these 5 elements. Chakras rotate very quickly and constitute our energy-based structure, thanks to which our body form is created and thanks to which the illusion that it is substantive exists. Chakras circulate very quickly and are the energy-based structures thanks to which our body form are constructed and thanks to which exists the illusion that it is solid. They distribute through the energy channels the 5 elements (lights) and are responsible for attracting the vibrating particles and for their balance and functioning. We can also say that chakras are our anchors (knots) which keep us shackled to the illusory world. If in the chakra dissolution is induced, then we automatically will be dissolved and will be free from delusion.

All energy centers govern the human energy system; their function is to keep us connected to the relative reality and to aid us in achieving a healthful balance. By healing our chakras, our mind, body and Secret Essence can connect and we can achieve healing and freedom at all levels.

There are countless chakras but there are 12 basic chakras. Seven of them are located in our physical body and five are situated outside the body; and the 7 inside the body are connected with our eye consciousness and with our form existence. The twelve chakras together build a system with incredible significance for healing our relative existence and also for leading us to freedom and full liberation.

Generally, we work on balancing our nine chakras. All energy centers connect the visible with the invisible aspects of the individual. Each energy system works in accordance with its frequency, while all frequencies are connected with each other and influence the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of men. Each chakra is usually associated with a particular color that corresponds to the colors of the 5 elements and the rainbow.