The 2nd Chakra is the emotional center of our body and our ability to create and feel. It is directly connected with Woman Power and the source of Creative Energy. It is the key to the life energy source and to managing life. It is also our sexual power and creates the ability to connect to other beings and experience happiness.

Location: Four fingers below the navel, lower abdomen, genitals, womb.

Color: Orange.

Basic Function: Pleasure, Sexuality, Creativity, Personal Relations, Relationships with others, Creation, Healing, Delight, Ease.

Spiritual Aspect: Creativity, Expression of talents, Emotional intelligence, Realization through sexuality, Commitment, Joy from life.

Physical Aspect: Womb, Genitals, Kidneys, Bladder, Blood system.

Glands: Ovaries, Testicles.

Dysfunctions: Impotence, Frigidity, Infertility, Uterus problems, Bladder, Kidneys, Problems with lower back, Fibroids, Blood problems.

Element: Water.

Wisdom: Mirror.

Crystals: All crystals colored in orange, coral, fire agate, amber, fire opal, ruby, all pearls, tiger eye, citrine, cornelian all shells.

Affirmation: “I feel. I create Life. I connect.”

Corresponds to our emotional body.