The 3rd Chakra is the center of our power, will, courage and wisdom. Success, associated with the possession of material goods and social status, is measured based on that at the earth level. This is our source of knowledge, which gives us information how to act within the framework of our society and world. It is also the chakra of commitment to our lives and the creation of the willpower to achieve everything we want. It is the fire and the passion inside us and it is also the possibility to forgive.

Location: From below the navel to the solar plexus.

Color: Yellow like the sun.

Basic Function: Will, Power, Influence, Charisma, Assimilation of food and ideas, Center of energy, Responsibility, Decision-making, Commitment, Life power, Self-confidence.

Spiritual Aspect: Confidence, Power, Inner conviction, Will, Wisdom, Self-awareness, Magnetism, Discipline.

Physical Aspect: Metabolism, Digestive system, Liver, Muscles.

Glands: Adrenals, pancreas.

Dysfunctions: Ulcer, diabetes, hypoglycemia, cancer, liver problems, obesity.

Element: Fire.

Crystals: All crystals colored in yellow – amber, citrine, topaz, yellow chalcedony, lemon quartz, yellow tiger-eye, coral, fire agate, fire opal, ruby, all pearls, sandstone, moonstone, Elmwood calcite, agate.

Affirmation: “I am Will!. I am Success! I create my World with Wisdom. I’m unstoppable.”

Corresponds to our etheric body.

Wisdom: Discrimination