The 4th Chakra is the center of our body and implements the connection and balance between the lower 3 physical chakras and the upper 3 spiritual ones. It is associated with the heart, which is one of the basic organs for making proper decisions, giving love, growth on spiritual and material levels, in career, and in thoughts. The Fourth Chakra is the center through which we share with others our love, talents, and specific ideas. It is the chakra of healing and new beginnings. It is also the chakra of all accomplishment – after you have decided what you want, you are inspired, and you believe in yourself, this is the chakra that makes you act.

Location: Heart area.

Color: Emerald green.

Basic Function: Compassion, Love, Career growth, Harmony, Balance, Action.

Spiritual Aspect: sharing, giving and receiving love, readiness for nearness and support, action and determination, achievement of dreams.

Physical Aspect: heart, lungs, blood pressure, body heat.

Glands: thymus.

Dysfunctions: asthma, low blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, bi-polarity.
Element: air.

Crystals: all crystals colored in green, emerald, diamond, malachite, crisocola, ruby, ocean jasper, obsidian, green amethyst, green topaz, green turquoise, labradorite, peridoth, green mohave, rose quartz, opal.

Affirmation: “I grow. I transform. I give love. I am harmony.”

Corresponds to our mental body.

Wisdom: accomplish wisdom.