The Crown Chakra is our conscious and unconscious mind and belief system. It is the main connection with the higher levels and the Absolute Truth. From the 7th Chakra, the energy coming from the higher levels is allocated to the other chakras. This is the chakra of expanded consciousness and the ability to manage our phenomena (the world of delusion) with higher forms of intelligence.

Location: The top of the head – Fontanel.

Color: Violet.

Basic Function: Understanding, Awareness, Expanded consciousness, Leading, Wisdom, Majesty.

Spiritual Aspect: awareness, expanded consciousness, understanding the relative and the absolute, connection with the higher dimension.

Physical Aspect: cerebral cortex, central nerve system.

Glands: Hypophysis.

Dysfunctions: alienation, confusion, apathy, inability to understand the relative world, migraines, autism, and psychological diseases.

Crystals: All crystals colored in violet, amethyst, tourmaline, violet crystals, lavender quartz crystal, azurite, opal, ametrine, ruby.

Affirmation: “I know! I am aware! I am connected to the High Power.”

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