Power of Crystals

Crystals are one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They are living creatures, much more perfect beings than we are. They have a very strong vibration and a matrix structure close to the human one, but much more stable and balanced because they were not created with the 6 senses and also don’t include in their matrix structure the 5 poisons (Anger, Jealousy, Desire, Delusion, and Pride). Thus, they are originally pure and you can say that their mind is clean from delusion, but their mind can also create karmic thoughts, but on the basis of light and the 5 elements, not the basis of the 6 senses of consciousness and the delusional mind of attachment with which we are held captive.


Crystal can be described as enlightened Energy that has form and is superior to the remaining forms created by matrix codes in our dimension. The crystal matrix can connect and work on the vibrations, the Mind, and the body of humans primarily due to the wisdom it naturally contains. Crystals exist in the World as an antidote to the three Impurities and obstacles for Humans, namely Ignorance, Hatred, and Attachments through desires. As nature has provided a healing herb for each ailment, so crystals are remedies for our impurities, and when the time comes and the world is ready for a communion and merging with our consciousness, they will help us rise to a higher level of Consciousness.

Crystals have very friendly energy and even if you do not respect them, due to their essentially compassionate nature, they will connect with you and help you without you even suspecting it. When they finish their work, they will silently disconnect from you, just as Warriors of Light.

Due to the dependence of our condition on form, emotional body, and state of Mind, we have a particular vibration that can be changed by crystals, thus balancing us and tuning us at all levels. If humans see crystals as an instrument of a healing method or an element that can help in the struggle with life, they can discover a vast multitude of  powers, above all the force with which crystals can influence us through their structure, color and qualities. How does all this work?

The first way to use crystals is when we realize that they help us stabilize our energy. For example, many times we may want to cut off a harmful habit, such as fits of anger. We try, we keep telling ourselves that we will no longer do this, but come the next day and here we are again…. This is a result of a whole host of factors working together, but mainly the system of beliefs and convictions, footprints in our consciousness, that prevent us from changing the constant stream of thoughts… Yet if you know which crystal to use and how to activate and engage it, it can stabilize your energy and can even reverse the stream of your thoughts and hence your reality.

There are four types of crystals.

 The first type are the basic crystals, or the ones that I just mentioned. They have a crystal structure that can be programmed and can transmit and receive information or heal and influence our vibrations. They can be charged from the environment they are in, from crystals in their vicinity, moonlight or sunlight, signs and symbols, or even the sound of singing objects or our own voice. Thus, due to their very stable matrix program, they act upon and alter other matrix programs, or even the vibration of the human and animal world, the environment, and the invisible creatures.

The second type of crystals are the ones that are able, through their colors, condensation and vibration frequency, to emit the respective colors/lights as rays. These rays, by connecting and interacting with the light of our energy centers, can balance those centers. Here is how this all works. Our energy channels (chakras) are like a swirling door of colored light that is responsible for a particular physical, emotional, and psychological state in a particular part of our body. This swirling door has color that essentially is energy/light. The crystal is the same concentrated color energy, or rather is absolutely identical by nature.

Because of their Wisdom, and above all, their compassion and realization that we are all one, Crystals direct their endless condensed Color Light Energy to our chakra, balancing it, adjusting or complementing it, or whirring it up – depending on the need. For example, when we have problems with our first chakra and are short of red color energy, Fire Agate can be the perfect companion, connecting the chakra with its vibrations and giving it the Light required to restore the chakra to its normal swirling pace. This is but one property of crystals, if we look at them as color light, and many crystals do act like this.

The third type of Crystals are those harboring all the wisdoms. Or rather, they have already realized these wisdoms. They will invariably come to you, or you will find them in mystical circumstances. But definitely, when you are ready, they will find you or you will find them. They are like Teachers you can learn from and are programed by ancient civilizations and different modes of consciousness that have a more accomplished manifestation and are in a higher dimension. Usually these are the crystals some call Lemurian, or the larger part of precious stones. However, they only difficultly connect to people, and if humans are not ready, even if they possess these crystals for their wisdom, the crystals may not get activated until the person is ready to grow.

All stones that are rare and hard to find have a more secret mission. As a rule, anything that is not easy to find and does not come in abundant quantities has much more precious parameters. The crystals with such a mission shall be worn only by the chosen – but the chosen who will help the world, as these people have a vibration that decodes them and unlocks their power. The very Powerful Crystals will not get activated just because you are around them, even though you may have paid for them or possess them, especially if you have improper intentions and you want to exploit them. For they contain the Discriminating Wisdom that can tell Good from Bad, although their form is much more lasting than ours.

The Fourth Type are the crystals that can fundamentally Enlighten, and by connecting with your Energy Channels, they can purify them and fill them with light. Such crystals have predominantly materialized from other Dimensions and will find people ready to pass on to a High Level of consciousness or to Angel Entities/Essences that help the world. They can only reach out to a Human who is clearly aware of the power of crystals. They work for the Balance between Good and Bad in our dimension, and can be a very powerful catalyst to the Change of phenomena, war, etc. These are crystals that are to be found more and more on earth in order to help us grow and enter more unhindered to a higher level of consciousness. It is not a coincidence that most children of the new generation are attracted to the crystal world, in many cases much more than other toys, although their parents had no interest in crystals. The reason is that the new crystal children understand the language of Crystals and are much more open and sensitive to their wisdom.

There are crystal particles in our human form of light too. They are in the pineal gland. Actually, if Humans reach crystal consciousness, then they will achieve absolute stability and power of the Mind and will act as a stabilizer, not a reactor who reacts spontaneously from his delusion.  The truth is that the more we connect with the world of Crystals, the more we become like them. Especially in the Matrix of Life in general – the more closely we connect to someone/thing and think about someone/thing, getting to know his/her/its qualities, we start to embody those characteristics and to transform.

Some people ask me if we need to believe in Crystals. I would say that believing can help but it is not an essential prerequisite in this case. For example, if you believe that the sun will rise, or not, that will not influence the sun’s rising, because you are more unstable than this phenomenon is. So your belief is not necessary.

The world of Crystals is endless, as are their characteristics; therefore, you should follow your intuition. Your intuition will lead you to your crystal that can change your world.


How to choose our crystal?

 I have always encouraged people to let their heart and intuition guide them when choosing their crystal. Do not listen to others; do not follow recommendations, even from this book. Your energy centers and crystals communicate on another level and understand each other, and when you see a crystal you need, it will call you and nothing can stop you from having it. I would recommend that, when choosing crystals, use brief meditations to help you concentrate and connect with your heart, and then look at the crystals and connect with them. For every human being it is unique, but you need to take the picking seriously; you should not go for a crystal just because your friends have it. For example, if you want a crystal for love but you are not attracted to rose quartz or opal, this means that at this particular moment you need to focus elsewhere, that you are not ready for this aspect of life right now.


How to purify crystals?

There are numerous methods of purifying crystals, for example with Water and sea salt, or with a thoughtful intention, or in moonlight or sunlight. Yet some of these methods may compromise the color of the crystal, making it paler. Therefore, I recommend the use of sign number 8.

Draw the sign three times on the crystal, counterclockwise, with the clear intention of wishing to clean it.


How to program the crystal?

Once we have purified the crystal, we have to connect with it and to start vibrating together; it is analogous to calling a friend or thinking about him/her. Spend a short time in silence and see if you will get a message from your crystal. In this way you Activate the crystal and it is ready to be programmed. You have to think what you want to program it for and you need to formulate and articulate a clear thought and specific motivation.



Then you program the crystal with the help of sign number 7, drawing it three times clockwise. In the end you need to thank the crystal, and to put it in a very special place close to you or on an altar. You have to connect every morning to your crystal in order for its program to work faster and more effectively. Crystals can be used in a variety of ways for charging space and as lasting mandalas that can change the energy of your entire home or surrounding environment. For example, for the home I recommend to have an Amethyst Geode next to your bed, at the head side, a Citrine across you in front of the bed to stabilize your energy, and as a must a ball of Rose Quartz to help you feel calm and always in harmony. In the living room it is good to have a Quartz crystal or a Crystal Cluster, and by the door Smokey Quartz, which will only allow necessary and light energy into your home. In the kitchen I always put Citrine, to balance the energy of the stomach; at the altar I always have Tourmaline and Laser Crystal.

The shape of the crystal is extremely important. During meditation I recommend rectangular pyramids. You can place two behind you and two in front of you to from a rectangle. It is good to have a black Onyx or Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye in front, and Amethyst and Rose Quartz behind you.

The type of crystal can change depending on the practice, yet this is what I would recommend as your first steps.

If you want to manage the energy of your home through crystals placed in a mandala, you need to use sign number 4, especially if you meditate on it. Print out the sign on a sheet of paper and place it on a flat surface. Then put crystals on all of its points where lines cross or come together. Those crystals can be small, with irregular shape or tiny spheres around 2 cm in diameter. In the center you can place a Pyramid or Ball – choose the option that attracts you more. From the centerpiece you can put small sticks of laser crystal in all six directions pointing outwards. Now you have your mandala ready. You only need to activate it with your thought by drawing the sign three times. In this way the mandala will charge the entire space with the energy of love.

Here I will present some of my most favorite crystals and the way they influence our Mind and Vibrations.

Crystal for Wisdom – This crystal can awaken your Wisdom and consciousness. Some call it Lemurian Crystal. It is most often to be found in Brazil but elsewhere too. This is pure quartz crystal, with natural streaks that are codes. One can easily see them with the naked eye. Sometimes it can be of very high purity and still have the streaks that are codes of Wisdom and messages, and triangular forms that are codes of life in higher dimensions. The crystal is expensive but not as expensive as it should be. This crystal does not require charging or programing. You just have to connect with it in meditation.

Wish-fulfilling Crystal – This is another crystal that can help us materialize all our wishes at all levels, with due wisdom, so that we do not get something we do not need. This would be Fire Opal. I strongly recommend it for materialization and for the projection of your Desires. The Fire Opal is an ancient method of connecting with the five elements and contains all the structures of the process of materialization.

Protection/Guardian Crystal – Tourmaline. Tourmaline comes in various colors, each one giving protection and bringing forth our potential at this level. If you work a lot with energies or you live in a fast-paced society and you are emphatic by nature, then you need Tourmaline to absorb all the energies that would tip you off your balance and to give you the transformative light you need. If the Tourmaline is black, then it will only absorb without giving off.

Multi-purpose Crystal. This crystal charges us with energy, heals us at all levels, protects us, and helps fulfill wishes and materialization. This crystal is Amber, but mainly from the Baltic Sea region. It has amazing properties that can unlock our warrior abilities and guide us in all dimensions. Blue Amber from Indonesia works more for realization and fulfillment of the mission and healing of the Mind, but has no curing or transformative properties.

Crystal for Attracting Our Soulmate – Pink Opal, in its absolutely purest form and oval shape. This is one of the wisest crystals that can bring together partners who belong to each other.

The crystal that connects us to our sacred existence and reveals to us the joy of Life is the Turquoise. The purer the Turquoise, the stronger it will connect us with the energy of peace and Harmony. This is the pill against depression and against the lack of zest for life.

The Crystal for achievement of goals and deliverance from fear is the Emerald. It is the strongest antidote for fear in life; it gives us courage and brings forth our ability to share with the world.

Ruby is the Crystal for Strength and Might. It provides the ultimate basis for materialization and all the powers we need to attain what we are striving for.

The Crystal for Beauty is the Moonstone, which purifies us at all levels and brings us forth as creatures of light.

I wish you an easy journey with the wisdom of the crystals.