Healing property and Meaning of the Jewelry

By wearing this jewelry at least for 21 days, it will help you to attract in your life the 2nd Chakra which is the emotional center of our body and our ability to create and feel. It is directly connected with Woman Power and the source of Creative Energy. According to some, in there is the key to the life energy source and managing life on earth level. Basic Function: Desire, pleasure, sexuality, creativity, personal relations, relationships with others, creation, healing. Spiritual Aspect: Creativity, courage, emotional intelligence, sexuality, relationships, delight, commitment.

Collection: Beads Bracelet

Chakra: 2nd Chakra

Stone: Red Agate




Dimension: N/A

Weight: 0.21 lbs

Handmade in Bali

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Bracelet Bead Red Agate 14mm Plain w/sb+charm Women Power L


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