Healing property and Meaning of the Jewelry

By wearing this jewelry at least for 21 days, it will help you to attract in your life the Awareness, high achievement of all spiritual goals, unconditional Love, creation, mind control, happiness, certainty of all levels, power of union, enlightenment.

Collection: Tantra Pegasus Union

Related Chakra : 1st chakra, 2nd chakra, 3rd chakra, 4th chakra, 5th chakra, 6th chakra, 7th chakra, 8th chakra, 9th chakra

Element :  5 elements, Air, Earth, Fire, Space, Water

Wisdom : 5 Wisdoms, Accomplishing Activities, Discrimanation, Emptiness, Equanimity, Mirror



Dimension (Inch): N/A

Weight: N/A

Handmade in Bali

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Bracelet Bead Tiger Eye 18mm Plain w/sb+ charm Pegasus stone middle


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