Healing property and Meaning of the Jewelry

By wearing this jewelry at least for 21 days, it will help you to attract in your life the Achieving high spiritual goals and life mission. Protection on all levels – energy, spiritual, and mental. Safeguarding the relationship with your partner from all external influence. Creativity and creation, Love, clarity, and the understanding of Life. Desiring to share, commit and unite. Satisfaction, pleasure and bliss.

Collection: Tantra

Chakra: 1st – 9th Chakra

Element: Air, Earth, Fire, Space, Water

Wisdom: Accomplishing Activities, Discrimination, Emptiness, Equanimity, Mirror



Stone: Black Obsidian Carving


Weight: 0.75 lbs

Handmade in Bali

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Bracelet Tantra Union Black Obsidian Dragon TU01B1.5


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