Many people ask me how to choose their crystal or jewelry for enlightenment. It is actually very simple. The most important thing is to feel what attracts you and know that that is what you really need. I always advise to just close your eyes and connect, to feel the energy and then you will know.

Sometimes we want jewelry for love but our energy needs something else, believe in the first attraction. In order for the jewelry to be activated, it is very important to wear it at least 21 days, even if it is just for an hour a day.

Then you will connect to the power of the crystal and symbols and you will activate the balancing quality.

We have instructions for your 21 day activation so you can achieve your dreams and see the results very fast.

First you have to think of the 5 the most important goals you have, then find a calm space, wear your jewelry for enlightenment and make a short, five minute visualization meditation of all your dreams.

We believe you will have amazing result.