Rozaliya is a treasure to the world and I’m grateful for her.

“Since I met Rozaliya, in the best possible way I have seen ( and still do) instant improvement in my Life and relationships which I attract and manifest, she has helped me to raise my standard and align my beliefs with my goals. Rozaliya is a treasure to the world and I’m grateful for her.”

— Janine Zappini, Serial entrepreneur

What they say about Rozaliya…

“I think there are very few people who have the experience Rozaliya has and she really transcends the suffering into a power in order to help people to be awakened, and because of her silence she was able to access another dimensions which as regular humans we can’t connect.

She is really here to awaken human beings and that is very important for all of us”

— Kalika Yap, Serial Entrepreneur, Leader

“Rozaliya is very powerful, she is a force who blows into your life and just transforms it.

She did what Toni Robins and like him doing for days and weeks and numerous sessions just in 3 hours!

I Applaud her it is not easy to make people break through and transform their life so quickly! Is Amazing!”

— Cindy Cowen, Movie maker, Producer

“Rozaliya work has organic emotional power in it.

Her art is made from her voice and is original, is powerful. I wear her pieces of jewelry to connect to my own creativity and to remind me I have to keep going. I believe her jewelry gives me the energy to do it and has 2 sides – first I am getting a beautiful jewelry and second I am absolutely charged up for life “

— Pen Densham, film maker, producer Oscar-nominated , artist

“Rozaliya jewelry has a spiritual quality to it! It is more than fashion, It is inspiring and has this amazing wisdom behind and the male line is very masculine, cool, slick, and sexy! Not too noisy but stylish.

Rozaliya really helps you grow true difficult moments and will change your life forever with her light!”

— Shane Drake, director Awards winner

“Rozaliya is mystical, understanding and older than her age. She shares the happiness and her wisdom true her creations.

With her jewelry she connects you to the bigger picture of nature. To something bigger than only that what you think you are.”

— Adrien Roberts, Global Fashion Expert and International Director of Education

“Prema ( Rozaliya) is absolutely authentic, She is real, she is not acting like she is spiritual SHE IS JUST WHO SHE IS. She comes with peace but is still very direct. She opened your eyes to yourself, she makes you feel good and release all your doubts.”

— Kim Glass, Olympic champion

“Rozaliya Jewelry is not only beautiful and incredibly unique, but also so powerful and transformative to the one who is wearing it. My friends have found their life partner just days after wearing one of Rozaliya’s love collections. And others have found new business opportunities. And this happens over and over again. It’s almost as though the Jewelry chooses you. And the transformation is almost instant.”

— Sherry Shaban, fitness Guru, Iron men attender